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Indigenous Arts, Crafts & Garments

To create entrepreneurship by providing required machinery / tools and training for indigenous women for making their arts, crafts and garments both for domestic and export market.


To grow vegetables, lettuce, medicinal plants, strawberries etc by hydroponics system...

Solid Waste Management

At Tikina, we have developed Community based Solid Waste Management system which is urgently required both for sanitation and Climate Change Adaptation. Communities / villages are lacking finance to purchase containers and other equipment to segregate solid waste and keep it ready for recycling. Our program includes educating people, provide them necessary training and equipment at the village level. Also train them to make compost for using it on farm for organic farming.


Therapy used by modern science after major, minor surgery, temporary relief from major symptoms or pain at the physical level and counselling for mental illness does not cure the root cause of any conditions in treating any particular disorder or disease. Yoga therapy is practiced as prevention, treatment and cure and it is a holistic approach covering the whole human body. It gives relief and permanent solutions for anyone suffering from any disease or disorder. Basically, the patient develops poor health conditions due to their lifestyle which results in health problems/conditions. In Yoga Therapy, the main focus remains to change the lifestyle as a long-term and permanent solution. Yoga covers 12 major systems of the human body. It also covers the various level of consciousness; gross to the subtlest and also helps in uplifting the level of consciousness through personal practices, awareness and self-experience. Western medical science has accepted the fact that there is no disease or disorder wholly physical but all are psychosomatic and Yoga therapy works at all levels; physical, vital and mental level. It bridges the gap and connects the body and mind for a faster and positive results. In modern times many disorders and diseases are developed due to imperfect habit and lifestyle. We will teach and transform the person at all levels for a better and healthier lifestyle. Yoga Therapy works for individuals based on their health conditions and when all the participants are having the same health problem group sessions are conducted. Stress management, weight management, depression, anxiety, insomnia, cardiac problem and hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, asthma, allergies, arthritis, gastritis, ulcer, indigestion etc are most common health problems which can be treated with very positive favorable results.

Yoga Therapy for Professionals

Tikina offers yoga Therapy for Stress management, weight management, depression, anxiety, insomnia, cardiac problem and hypertension...

Other Projects

After studying local conditions we will prepare custom made plan to meet with their requirements for poverty alleviation.
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